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Q – Industry colleagues, what do you think the future of events will be? Without a doubt we will continue and be resilient and part of the come back…but do you expect it to be a cut [...]

Q and A with Emerald and MEA Markets

Emerald Q and A with MEA Markets UAE   First of all, how does it feel to have been given your award? What do you believe are the reasons behind your success?   Ans: We are delighted with the [...]

Key Benefits of a Business Exhibition

One of the key facets of marketing strategies as perceived by various companies in modern times is business exhibition and fairs. These serve as the best platform to showcase your business and [...]

How Trade Shows Can Stay Relevant

At Emerald Events, we talk about events, because events are and should be a big deal. They change lives, they ignite communities, they make the world better. On a smaller scale, events give you [...]