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Providing total solution amazing activations in Dubai is key to Emerald Technology’s success.  Our Activations Department supply high tech brand activations in Dubai and internationally. We have delivered successful state of the art campaigns in over 19 Countries.

The team is ready to listen to your idea and create something magnificent that will wow your clients without leaving the hole in your pocket. We also can use our Technical expertise to bring forth a heavy, recordable footprint on a corporate stand or key event. To this end Emerald Events and Exhibitions launched a whole new and exciting department named (Emerald Technology Services) that caters purely for this type of forum.

We are – Technical experts in the field of Digital Marketing, Applications, Augmented Reality, 3D Stereoscopic Virtual Reality, Holograms, 3D Mapping, Interactive Technology, Projection Mapping, LED Walls & Touch Panels, Interactive Floors, Organic Kinetic Lighting Displays, Lazer Shows, Video Shoots and Edits, Conference Software, Interpreter Equipment and Data Analytics Footfall Tech, as well as many innovating and mind blowing build concepts that are on hand to make your vision of the future, a reality today.


Some of our many “Activations”

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