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Hysterically funny’, ‘the ultimate crowd puller’, ‘thrilling entertainment’, ‘surpassed all expectations’, ‘incredibly cool’, ‘totally blown away’; all phrases used by clients to describe this unique show. Ladies and Gentlemen we give to you, the world famous Titan the Robot in Dubai.

Titan in the UAE is available to ensure your next event goes viral

Corporate Events – Titans show can can be easily adapted to any situation and works very well as corporate entertainment or for enticing clients to your trade show stand. Titan can be branded with your company logo and we can produce bespoke scripts and dialogue in English and Arabic.

Family Events – Titan the Robot in UAE is the ultimate family-entertainment show. Titan’s comedic antics are adored by children and adults alike and with his huge fan base people travel for miles to see his show.

Performing at – Large outdoor events, country shows, festivals and shopping malls, Titan is guaranteed to boost ticket sales and footfall and have shopping malls bursting at the seams. Titan also has a special Christmas show, full of festive fun and mayhem.

Titan has been used for – Product demonstrations, corporate speeches, trade stand activations, corporate parties and as the central figure of bigger productions. Checkout Titan at F1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEexPUpdI50

Titan is a magnet for – PR, marketing and brand awareness; clients often get extra coverage and promotion thanks to Titan’s presence.

An 8ft Robot in the UAE is just what you need to liven up your event

The best events are those that help the attendees create memories – the ones that remain etched in their minds for a long time. If you truly wish to add something unique to your event, then we highly recommend adding a robot in Dubai to it. Emerald Events & Exhibitions proudly presents Titan & Brutus the Robot – the incredibly cool crowd puller that is sure to blow away the minds of your events’ attendees.

What truly makes Titan & Brutus the Robot stand out is the fact that they can be easily adapted to an extensive range of events they speak over 50 languages and can deliver a corporate message faultlessly. Whether you are interested in adding flare to corporate event or wish to add an extra spark to your trade show, our robot in Dubai is just the right pick for it. Most importantly, Titan is loved by children and adults alike, so your event is guaranteed to be truly unforgettable.

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Introducing Brutus The Bad

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