Why should you rent an Exhibition Stand instead of buying it?

So, you are participating in a business exhibition. The first thing that will come in your mind is to get an exhibition stand that is designed in an innovative and unique way. But, what if you could rent one and save money in place of buying it? Yes, you heard that right! You can actually hire a creative exhibition stand as opposed to purchasing one for the event. There are many exhibition stand companies in Dubai offering exhibition stands for rent. Since, you will be investing a huge amount of money in your exhibition; you might have to compromise on buying the particular exhibition stand. But, when it comes to renting it, you certainly would not have to compromise as it will not cost you a huge sum.

Along with that, there are several other issues resolved by exhibition stand rentals that exhibitors usually face. These include:

You will not have to use a similar booth for every exhibition

You might purchase a modular exhibition stand for participating in the series of exhibitions that will be held in a year. But, no matter how versatile it is, you cannot fully alter a modular booth. Hence, you may end up with a similar (if not exactly same) kind of exhibition booth designs for the entire series of exhibition and trade shows. Whereas renting an exhibition stand, you can get an entirely new booth design for every show you participate in.

You have a wide range of options to choose from

You can find numerous exhibition stand companies in Dubai that provide exhibition stand rentals. Each of these companies has hundreds of designs of exhibitions booths to offer. Therefore, you as an exhibitor have a plethora of options to select one for an upcoming trade show. These companies can also customize your rental booth if required, without you having to spend a hefty amount of money.

Get all related services along with renting an exhibition stand

Being a seasoned exhibitor, you must be aware that there are additional responsibilities when you buy an exhibition stand. These include hiring a logistics firm for handling the transportation and hiring an agency that will install and dismantle the exhibition stand. But, if you rent an exhibition booth, you do not have to worry about all such things. There are several exhibition stand companies in Dubai that can manage all these related services by themselves.

Create an Eco-friendly image of your company using modular rental booths

Many exhibition stand companies in Dubai offer an extensive range of modular exhibition stands on a rental basis. These modular booths make use of Eco-friendly and sustainable materials, which in turn reflect a socially conscious image of your company. This also helps in promoting the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of your company.

When it comes to hiring the best of exhibition stand companies in Dubai, businesses often choose Emerald Events and Exhibitions. The company has a team of excellent designers who can come up with innovative and creative ideas for building an excellent exhibition stand.