Exhibition Stand Design – Creating a Big Impact over Attendees

Whether it is a job interview, or a meeting, or first date, you need to put your best to create an excellent first impression. Likewise, you must put your best efforts in a trade show and grab the opportunity to impress the attendees. For this, you need to draw the attention of the visitors to your booth. According to a study, a visitor will decide to either engage or move on by just giving a look that lasts only for 3 to 5 seconds at the exhibition booth. It is therefore very essential, that your exhibition stand design is outstanding. Here, we have come up with a few best practices for exhibition stand design that will make an impact on your next exhibition.

Cluttered displays should be avoided

The attention span of visitors in the trade show will be just 3 to 5 seconds. Therefore, you must always keep in mind that the paragraphs of content and artwork should be simple and straightforward. You need to make sure that the visitors immediately understand what your business has to offer to them just in one glance. Your exhibition stands display should be eye-catching and not a branded chaos.

Take professional help

You can find a plethora of exhibition stand design companies in Dubai. These professional companies can create various types of displays according to your needs and requirements. They have a team of designers who can put in their innovative ideas to create a perfect exhibition stand design. They will make sure to use proper specs and high-quality graphics in the design and render a sense of productivity to the space you opted for the exhibition.

Choose a light background

The pattern is quite common in all trade shows yet they all are different. There will be many exhibitors in the trade show making every area too busy with only a little natural light. In such dark halls, an exhibition stand that is bright and colorful with a lighter background will definitely stand out. This is one of the best practices for creating an impact on your exhibition stand design.

Invest wisely in the display booth

There are many exhibition stand design companies in Dubai that not only sell exhibition stands, but also create them for renting out. Well, it completely depends upon you whether you invest to hire one for the upcoming exhibition or buy one. For this, you must consider your budget. You must always keep in mind the needs and requirements of your business before choosing the type of stand. You can always get a custom designed exhibition stand for hire at reasonable prices.

If you’re looking for the best exhibition stand design companies in Dubai, then we would recommend Emerald Events and Exhibitions. This company can create an excellent and innovative exhibition stand design for your particular business event. The team of creative designers will make sure to use attention-grabbing colors and sharp designs to make your stand unique.