How Trade Shows Can Stay Relevant

At Emerald Events, we talk about events, because events are and should be a big deal. They change lives, they ignite communities, they make the world better. On a smaller scale, events give you that insight you didn’t see coming, events make you meet your future business partner or spouse, events entertain you, they make you dance, cry, laugh, go crazy, relax and it is these same emotions that make you want to buy. Events will never go away but events are changing. Or to be more precise, the reasons why we attend events are changing. And this change is even more real for trade shows.

So, let’s look at the trade show of the future or better, a trade show worth attending, according to the new reasons why we attend events.

The Need to Meet?

While I could be hypnotizing you with my reasons why the digital era should not attend trade shows, you probably would notice the emergence of the most popular reasons why we do attend events. Back in 2009 (I know, I am getting old), I was in conflict with those saying that social media would have cannibalized attendance at events. Yet, the result has been quite the opposite. To the level we know, events actually have a purpose for social media use (back then it was mostly fluff), creating FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out.

All this digital interaction, networking, picture liking, video watching, increases exponentially the need to meet in person. It’s almost like online dating, getting to know your prospective partner online creates a sense of urgency to then meet offline. Of course, online helps to skim the worst candidates (a luxury you can’t afford offline) but then, once you find the perfect match, you want to meet desperately.

Social media has been the most positive thing to happen to the event industry in here. Those events who harness the power of online communities can count on attendance at all costs. The community will have so many relationships going on that it is inevitable that members will use the trade show to meet. The trade show of the futureknows how to cleverly use online content and tools to connect members and create that urgency to meet. The trade show of the future uses content at the event cleverly to increase FOMO in those attending online. Amplifying content in the right way, showcasing connections, broadcasting surprising moments are all tactics that will secure attendance for the foreseeable future.

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