Modular Vs Bespoke Whats right for you?

Your ADIPEC stand represents your brand in its entirety, with competition high and space a premium its wise to make best use of your marketing strategy. On offer there are 2 definitive choices with regards to space those being a pavilion booth type allocation shell scheme with a list of optional extras to boost the ascetics and create a little individuality around your space or an option to reserve space only that a contractor may design and deliver your perfect stand. Budget and exhibition goal will always determine what type of booth and what size is best for your plan but many industry professionals are still in the dark as to the difference in Modular based stands and Bespoke made alternatives and so Emerald Events and Exhibitions aims to throw some clarity onto the subject. 

Modular Stands 

Modular means “composed of standardized units or sections for easy construction or flexible arrangement”. When it comes to stands you can gather that modular constructions are more squared and conform to straighter lines than most bespoke designs. The structure of a module is more often than not made of easy to slot together metal frames that can attach a fabric panel via simple magnetic fixings, this means time is saved on construction and usually structures can be erected without the use of tools thus saving on skilled labour and transport costs as well. You may think that the end result with a modular design is destined to be unattractive but you would be in-correct as modern modular stands have taken a leap in technical advancement and now come complete with easy fix lighting, LED, backlit graphics and technology additions (though limited in mounting space) making them a real contender for exhibitors on a budget. You can also mix and match by having a modular platform and shell that incorporates some bespoke additions for instance : Reception counter, product display units, or high end furniture giving you the appearance of Bespoke look and feel whilst on a budget. For more information on the latest modular stands email [email protected] subject title: send me more info on Modular based stands.      

Bespoke Stands 

A bespoke craftsman makes and sells things that are specially made for someone: Bespoke simply meaning “to order and arrange in advance”. Most Bespoke stands are made from wood (MDF panels being the materiel of choice). The reason for this is that wood is manipulable into many shapes and configurations. A well made bespoke stands limitations is really only dependent on the goals, budget and aspirations of the exhibitor, to borrow the phrase, The sky is the limit. Bespoke stands allow a variety of additions to improve the ascetics look and feel of any booth via the use of well designed curves, spray paint, special features, technology and luxury items. The fact that a bespoke design holds no pre assembled framework limitations means its application is the market choice for larger stands from higher budget exhibitors. The trend for larger companies to compete via the exhibition stand is a matter of pride and shows a firms strength in the market place, that said there is a huge difference in supplier costs to provide such monumental extravaganzas. For more information on Emeralds cost effective Bespoke stands email [email protected]

Subject Title: Send me more info on Bespoke Stands. 

Summary for Stands @ ADIPEC 2017

If your stand is under 100 Sqm and your budget is considered low to medium you should certainly consider gaining a design and quote for a “Modular based alternative”. If your stand is 100 Sqm and above and your budget is considered medium to high then a well thought out cost-effective “Bespoke solution” is certainly the way to go ahead. 

Whatever you decide for this years ADIPEC 2017 ensure your Exhibition Stand represents fully the brand you worked so very hard to build and remember you only get 4 seconds for a neutral visitor to view and process if they like the look of your booth or not, so make it count.