Bulwark FR Timberland Pro

The Challenge


To design and Build 2 stands for separate international companies occupying the same plot. To create and deliver both concepts acceptable to both parties whilst adding value to each others marketing campaign.

All forms of Brand design, media, conference and meeting spaces to be mutually bennificial whilst alternated under a shared scheme that must be project managed with the highest attention to detail regarding timings.

All whilst ensuring cost effectiveness.

Client – Bulwark FR and Timberland Pro

what we did

We designed built and project managed dual stands for 2 separate fortune 500 companies utilising the same floorplan but keeping both companies individual concepts and requirements separate.

We connected the 2 brands via a central conference room and shared meeting space. This was a challenge to ensure both clients not only were represented correct but had an equal distribution of time management throughout.

We wanted to highlight this particular Job instead of focusing only on some our sizable stands as on site project management was key to this task to ensure a smooth show for both companies was equally maintained.

In this example Emerald not only dealt with 2 build ups but dual conferences, client meeting arrangements, individual catering timings, separate AV creation with timed interchangeable graphics and interactive content for each individual business.

We truly show in this case that Emerald can take on multi tasking at the highest level throughout a very busy show. Project and time management at Emerald is first class we truly go above and beyond regular build up companies or agencies to ensure a seamless show for our very respected clientele (most of which we consider friends) is maintained start to finish no matter the effort.

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