The Challenge

To Plan, design, Build, Execute and Report on the largest Non Destructive testing Expo ever held in the Middle East. 

51 Nations, 70 Exhibitors, 3,000 Visitors, 50 Speakers, Sponsors, Media, and Hosting of VIP’s including the ASNT board of directors.

The Event was held in the prestigious Conrad Hotel and was split into 5 sectors. Speakers and Conference area, Exhibitors and Sponsors area, Secondary Speakers Area, Board meetings space, Catering and Hospitality areas.

The Aim to create a stimulating unique and new experience in the UAE for the NDT Industry to promote growth and business for the region.

All forms of Brand design, media, conference and meeting spaces to be mutually bennificial whilst alternated under a shared scheme that must be project managed with the highest attention to detail regarding timings.

All whilst ensuring cost effectiveness.




Client – American Society for Nondestructive Testing

what we did

Emerald directed the most successful NDT event in the region and received the award for the Dubai Events Company of the Year 2019 specializing in Expo organisation from MEA Business Awards UAE.

We devised a clever physical and online pre marketing campaigns with elegant and interesting booths and activations on the day that drew in the crowds and raised awareness of the products on display.

Our stage and conference set up was modern and futuristic with huge LED screens and the latest state of the art conferencing equipment with live feeds throughout the expo and projection mapping features to enhance the backdrop.

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