Q – Industry colleagues, what do you think the future of events will be?
Without a doubt we will continue and be resilient and part of the come back…but do you expect it to be a cut and paste of what we were?
I’m genuinely intrigued after reading so much, but I find everything very much based on past experiences…and this isn’t and can’t be.
Will Q4 really see exhibitions given that social distancing may likely still be in play? Are concerts as valuable from a tenancy perspective, or will it move more towards digital and sponsor model? Genuinely interested to hear from my colleagues and peers on the subject?
We are taking the conservative approach I guess. We don’t anticipate a full turn to virtuality just yet but we are taking necessary actions to create safer events and exhibitions. Some of the things Emerald is upto: The Covid Gate – Safer access via UVC lighting tunnels at events entrances, along with personal scanners and temperature control sensors. All activation stations with gesture and swipe content control (no touching), even seating plans on exhibition stands spaced 1 m apart and all single seats. Lastly food hygiene will be so important and needs to evolve. Sanitation stations and non re usable eco friendly cutlery and cups for catering. We believe with these adjustments will at least minimize risk and allow us to continue with that vital face to face.